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When will I start to receive my reimbursement?
Manufacturers set the time frame. In our experience pharmacies start to receive checks and credits in about 8 weeks up to 16 weeks. If you want your money sooner ask about our batch programs.

What is the difference between returnable and non-returnable items?
Each manufacturer sets the guidelines as to what they will take back for credit. Some examples of nonreturnable items are items that are over 1 year past expiration and items sold on a nonreturnable basis.

When is my invoice due?
Express Rx Returns offers several different options for payment. Contact us for more details.

How many manufacturers do you deal with?
Express Rx Returns works with over 1000 manufacturers.

I have a full bottle but the seal is broken, is this returnable?
It depends on the manufacturer. Some companies require a bottle to be sealed to be creditable. However most companies accepting partials in their policy will allow the return of these items.

How long is a 222 form good for?
DEA form 222 is valid for 60 days.

How do I package my return?
Items can be returned in any cardboard box or tote. Glass items should be bubble wrapped and secure all caps.

Do I have to package my control items any special way?
Control II items should be mailed separately in a tamper proof bag with appropriate DEA paperwork. Control III thru V can be separated and mailed within the same box as your regular returns.

What is known before you go?
Know before you go allows the customer know exactly what they are getting back and any service fees prior to the items ever leaving your store. Simply fill out our form and fax it in, within 24 hours we will get back to you with the detailed amounts. You can fill out as many items as you want to help you get an idea of what your return will look like.

Can you provide references?
Yes. References are available upon request.

Do you accept partials?
Yes. Partials are accepted.

Do you accept generics?
Yes. Express Rx Returns accepts all generic items for return.

How far in date can I send in for return?
Express Rx Returns will accept items up to 1 year before they expire.

How do I track my checks and credits?
Simply log on to our website and enter your assigned username and password.

What do I do with the 222 form copies I received?
The brown copy you keep for your records and the green copy and mailed to your local. DEA office.

Will I be billed for shipping?
No. Express Rx Returns pays for all shipping and handling charges to and from our company.